Some ideas on how to write readable code

11 Jul 2020 6 min read #general

Across the years in my career as a software developer, I have always felt that I should get better at making my code more readable. This keeps coming to me every time I read my code from the past and find it hard to understand. What was I thinking when → continue

On writing tests

02 Oct 2019 2 min read #general

I have been asked several times about my software testing practices so I decided to spend some time and write them down for future reference and feedback. → continue

On ethics

25 Nov 2017 2 min read #general

This one is short, kinda a micro-post. It’s about misconceptions and ethics in Software development and engineering. → continue

Aiming for simplicity

07 May 2017 3 min read #general

It’s remarkably satisfying to see a nice idea becoming an amazing Product, a successful machinery, probably from the non-technical point of view a fully functional black box. Technical people think different, especially software developers and engineers, we try to understand the working parts of every product we know or use, → continue

Continuous delivery and why it matters

15 Dec 2016 6 min read #general

Building software is often under-valuated, many people think that building an app is reduced to writing code, sometimes that’s true, except when it isn’t. When the business grows you need to scale your strategy in order to stay competitive. Moving fast is important so is a matter of adapting or → continue

Linux issues with Baytrail CPUs

13 Dec 2016 1 min read #general

Linux randomly freezes on laptops with Baytrail processors and you are forced to do a hard restart, this an open issue of the kernel that apparently only affects the 4.x versions. You might feel hopeless as this is a low priority issue for the kernel but hopefully, there is a → continue

The Pure Functions experiment

09 Dec 2016 2 min read #general

Today I would like to talk about pure functions and how they help to write better and maintainable code. I tried it myself as an experiment and it went pretty well, good news is that you can apply it in whatever language you like, no matter if it supports Functional → continue

Rubyist by accident

07 Jan 2016 3 min read #general

It was 2011, I was a Java developer by that time, I was comfortable with libraries and tooling I used; I was a productive and happy user of Play Framework, Spring Framework, Maven and a couple of other small libraries. I thought I had it all. I learned Java in → continue