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This one is short, kinda a micro-post. It’s about misconceptions and ethics in Software development and engineering.

In a form of a list I’m gonna present you some comments I’ve heard or read from Juniors and Seniors across the years, that in my opinion, are helping to spread the wrong mind frameworks across the industry and affecting collaboration in general. I pretend to make you reflect about it, hopefully, it will drive to a mind change.

Here it goes:

How many times have you heard ?

  • “X” is the best/worst programming language of all.

  • “Y” is a toy programming language.

  • I’m a 10k rock star programmer.

  • You should work more and sleep less.

  • Oh 😮 I see 😮, you don’t know what “Z” is about 😮😕

  • “L” is 💩 programming language because it is slow.

  • If you are not using “K” practice in your code you are doing it wrong.

  • It compiles then I don’t need tests.

Please let’s stop doing this if you are, because is 💩, it doesn’t make you look smart. My reaction is 😠😱😡.

If you don’t get why this is wrong, double-read it or do some research to understand why a criticism to this mis-leading sometimes discriminant comments is required, this is causing an enormous PAIN in communities nowadays.

How we can prevent this to become the de-facto discussion points between colleagues from different communities of the field? Hard to tell but definitely, starting points are:

— don’t blindly adopting or spreading ideas without proper analysis and criticism

— promoting ethical collaboration with colleagues and not discrimination

— embracing and loving diversity

— understanding that not knowing something doesn’t make someone stupid, the IT industry is huge

— preferring and rewarding problem solving and analytical skills over all

I feel positive we can work this out aren’t you?. I would be happy to hear your thoughts,

Till the next time!

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