• Canary deployments with Serverless and AWS Code Pipeline

    April 21, 2019 • 9 min read • serverless

    Introduction Nowadays, one of the biggest changes in software development has been the increased frequency of deployments. Time to market has become essential so it’s rare to have monthly or yearly releases. Continue reading

  • Setting up AWS Elasticsearch with Serverless and CloudFormation

    April 10, 2019 • 1 min read • serverless

    A very short post Here is how you can setup an ES cluster using the Serverless framework and CloudFormation: service: my-service provider: name: aws runtime: nodejs8.10 stage: ${self:custom.stage} region: ${self:custom. Continue reading

  • WebSockets with the serverless framework

    March 2, 2019 • 4 min read • serverless

    AWS API Gateway (APIG) is a very versatile product which plays a fundamental role when building applications in the AWS ecosystem. It’s not an exception for the case of serverless with AWS Lambda where it acts as an HTTP bridge to your functions. Continue reading

  • Serverless Demystified

    August 15, 2018 • 5 min read • serverless

    After a couple of years of full-time working on many Serverless Framework projects over AWS, it’s time to talk about my experiences with the platform and the issues and goodies I’ve found in my way. Continue reading

  • Back-pressure

    February 24, 2018 • 6 min read • serverless

    Intro Almost two years ago I decided to start a journey of learning AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework, being a Ruby/Rails developer is not a common thing to do as many of you might think, but if you know me well you will understand, I’m always open to learning new things, constantly trying to strengthen my problem-solving skills by expanding my horizons. Continue reading